Tourism Together Multiplayer Build

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We would appreciate hearing your feedback and ideas for what we could possibly add to the game in the future.

Play with friends

To play the game together all you have to do is share your lobby link or the lobby id.

    1. Create the lobby
    2. Copy the lobby id or the lobby link
    3. Share with your friend
    4. Play together!


    • Pan - Mouse left click drag | Keyboard WASD
    • Rotate & Tilt - Mouse right click drag  | Keyboard Q/E
    • Zoom - Mouse wheel | Keyboard X/C
    • Select / Place tile - Mouse left click
    • Rotate tile - Mouse right click |  Keyboard R
    • Flip tile - Mouse middle click |  Keyboard F

    How to Play


    Build your own landscape and transport network to obtain the highest score with the least tiles used.


    Freely select any tile in the current selection and place it on the white indicator tile slots. Terrain tiles are placed on the base layer. Transport tiles are placed on terrain tiles such as grass and rivers.


    Tiles earn 10 points per adjacent tile of the same type.
    Connect 3 tiles to upgrade a tile and earn 50 bonus points.

    Future plans

    Tourism Transportation

    Connect towns of houses with bus depots, train stations and river docks to take passengers on journeys along your transportation network by bus, train and boat. Maximise scoring with scenic views past forests, farms, mountains and special tourism tiles including natural and man-made wonders of the world.